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TGBian batch 34

ASSALAMUALAIKUM Okey, this title; new school.
memeylah, new school must have new Me. Like i said to my genxix that only them know my true colour. Sorry to say cuz this is me. this is the true me... only them for some particular reasons.
we survived three years togetherwe  survived those hurt feelings togetherwe survived that stupid exams togetherwe survived all mocks that we got from those teachers and studentswe enjoyed our happiness togetherwe enjoyed our friendship togetherwe created memories togetherour friendship goals no matter how far we are it's totally sad to have a distance with the genxix, cuz we created our own pain and happy memories together.
but now, i can't be with them cuz i'd move out to a new school that called MRSM TGB. Class 415 of 2015. I am a member of Topaz 2 and aiming to get the best result with batch 34 along we're in TGB. I'm gonna strive 4 flat for all exams in MRSM especially SPM, aiming to be the member of Phi Kappa Phi.
Hoping that i …